Packs 1.5g Infused Joints

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Sour Gushers  flavor

Marshmallow Fluff  flavor




PACKWOODS brings you this one of a kind Glass Cone Hash Rosin Joint!

– 1.3 Grams Of Premium Flower:

Top Shelf, Lab-Tested, Hand Broken, Never Ground.

– 0.15 Grams Of High Potency Hash Rosin Concentrate:

Strain Specific, Extract Infused Flower.

– Cannabis Kief:

Indoor Grown, Strain Specific, Dry-Sifted Trichomes.

– 100% Tobacco Free Wrap:

All Natural Rice Paper, Allergen Free

– Glass Cone Joint:

A Consistent & Smooth Draw From Start To Finish

Total Cannabinoids: 46.44%

THC: 39.74%

CBD: 0.04%