My Dose 6g Psilocybin Tea

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5 bags of tea containing medicinal psilocybin

1.2g of psilocybin per bag

Just add hot water and enjoy !


Medicinal Tins: Tea Strains and Flavor Profile

2 Sizes: Micro and Macro Tins Case discounts are available Micro Dose of 9 X .35G Tea Bags per tin – Macro Dose of 5 X 1.2 G Bags per tin

Red Reishi

Easy going, anti – inflammatory, with mild flavor profile. Caffeine free and mildly floral with a bright lemon finish that is loaded with nootropics.

Earl Grey

Soothing and stimulating in one blend. Earl Grey and lavender combine to provide a brilliant blue tea to round out the experience.

Turmeric Ginger

Bright and zesty, blend uses the healing power of turmeric and chaga to refresh the system, cleanse and calm while energizing and optimizing the body’s effectiveness. This blend also has a high concentration of nootropics.

Chai Hibiscus

Comforting cinnamon, cardamom, and clove spices are brightened with tart and brilliant hibiscus in a curiously frisky blend. Try with a splash of your favorite oat or almond milk.

Cacao Mint

A warm mint chamomile with a creamy finish to cool off & refresh. Engineered with whole raw cocoa pods, american mint, and coconut , this blend is comforting and crisp.

Blue Matcha

Bursting with caffeine and clarifying moringa leaves, mango and pea blosoms. This blend will energize your day with a mild sweet flavor bursting with aqua to bring brilliant color to your day.

Packaging Sizes

Micro Tin $45.00 – Each micro tin contains 9 tea bags. Each bag has .35G of our active ingredients combined with a proprietary blend of teas selected to provide a synergistic experience with the mushrooms. Individual Micro-dose is $10.00 each.

Macro Tin $65.00 – Each macro tin contains 5 tea bags. Each bag has 1.2G of our active ingredient combined with our proprietary blend of teas.

Individual Macro-dose is $20.00 each.


For ideal brewing use water heated 150-200F for 5 minutes. A stronger effect can be created by adding a squeeze of lemon while brewing. You also may try steeping repeatedly for a more robust experience.

Dosing schedule

We recommend a one day on and one day off schedule but some will find that their body needs more time to recalibrate between doses. Try moving to every third day if you find the effect to reduce over time