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Few specifics are known of its origin, but if you assume the moniker connotes a masterpiece, you wouldn’t be far wrong. The buds scored were big and moist with the scent inside easily defeating the odor-proof baggie it came in. The process of reviewing strains is a lengthy one full of deliberation and sacrifice, so I rose early and gave my morning over to DVOG. The first hit was silky smooth and began to elevate my mood and outlook at once. Enthusiasm overtook me and I disposed of a small nug in four tokes and was rewarded with an intense long-lasting high that came and went in waves. This weed goes down very smooth so another nug incinerated almost reflexively and with the same effect. This strain will cause couch-, chair-, even shoe-, lock, with the the latter being a tentative and unusual care about where one’s right foot goes after the left moves forward. With a THC content testing regularly in the mid-20s, this strain is best for late-night and other non-mobile occasions. What this strain’s best for, likely, is heavy sedation and sleeping, though true indica-lovers can stay upright through most anything.