Cherry Pie 5g 80$

1 g $202 g $351/8 oz $655 g $801/4 oz $1201/2 oz $2201 oz $400
THC 28.7%

Here is a beautiful example of a Bubblegum (~50/50 indica sativa) mated with a pure Hindu Kush (100% indica). The bubblegum has been around since the late 70’s. It was originally a west coast outdoor strain. It was bread for its taste, yield, and ability to sustain harsh (hot/humid) weather conditions. The Hindu Kush is a middle eastern strain that has been cultivated for hundreds of years in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan. It is well known for its deep rich taste, coffee-like smell, and its high resin content makes it a perfect strain for the making of good ole’ fashion hashish.